(Client should have projects worth more than 50 crore).

    Landmark Worldwide is a Mumbai, India, based Asset Management Company purely dealing with Project Finance / Investment from International Banks / Financial Institutions / Financial Foundations with the help of providing bank instruments as securities for clients projects. We also provide wealth management solution, through which we bring uncomplicated investment advisory to the emerging segment. It takes a great financial plan to make dreams come true with an expert team of 'dream deliverers' at your side; we guide you all the way - from making timely investments that fund your dream projects.

    We treat your money like it is ours - dedicating the time and energy to your funds as we would our own. We look at things long term and are committed to building durable, long-term relationships with our customers, employees and associates. We do not set personal or organizational goals that are not aligned with what we would like for our customers. We do not wish to create wealth for ourselves at the expense of our customers. We do not think our relationships with our customers are short term and to be milked for what they are worth while it lasts. We will not churn your portfolios or recommend products we don't feel are optimal just to make a bit of extra commissions. We do not believe in managing and motivating our advisors purely on revenue targets.

    1. We shall arrange the necessary project finance / investment through our arrangement with International Banks in 90 to 120 days.
    2. The total funding comes as a Project finance / investment from Landmark Worldwide, India.
    3. The tenure will be 7 to 10 years and the interest on above Project finance / investment will be at libor + 1 rate. The current libor is 2.5 % to 3% which means the annual interest for Indian project finance / investment will be under 5%.
    4. The required collateral if required for the project finance / investment shall be arranged by Landmark Worldwide.

    Landmark Worldwide is required to spend on behalf of the client considerable amount towards the arrangement of project finance / investment towards bank instruments, legal fees, preparation of financial reports, administrative expenses including legal review and filing for which an advance bank instrument cost of 3% of project cost or Rs.5 Crore (Rupees Five crore only) whichever is lower plus applicable taxes is required to be paid at the time of signing MOU. This amount will be deducted from the final service charges to be paid to Landmark Worldwide out of the project finance / investment disbursed to the client.

    Landmark Worldwide shall be issuing to the client a Singapore Bank cheque as counter Guarantee for equal amount of advance bank instrument cost received, to be encashed in the unlikely event of above proposal is not completed in the stipulated time period. Please note the cheque issued by any Singapore banks is as good as a Bankers cheque.

    1. Email to Landmark worldwide with Profile, Project details and finance requirements.
    2. Landmark Worldwide will get back in 2 working days about the viability.
    3. Client will sign detailed MOU with Landmark worldwide.
    4. After MOU and paying initial advance bank instrument cost, Landmark Worldwide will initiate issue of a Singapore Bank cheque as counter Guarantee for equal amount of advance bank instrument cost to the client.
    5. Landmark Worldwide will arrange Project Finance / investment from their overseas bankers.
    6. Project finance / investment agreement will be signed and registered and the project will be mortgaged and the amount will be disbursed to client by Landmark Worldwide, India.

    1. This is a out of box procedure which has no competition.
    2. Delivering professional Corporate Financial Solutions in accordance with statutory policies and relevant technical and professional standards.
    3. Offering only those services Landmark Worldwide can deliver and strive to deliver no less than our commitments.
    4. Working with a vigorous dedication and only engaging in practices that are legal and ethical.
    5. Meeting our contractual obligations on time, every time.
    6. Respecting the confidentiality and privacy of our clients, our people and others with whom Landmark Worldwide do business.

    Please feel free to get in touch with us for any clarification.