• FAQ's

    1) What are the documents required ?
    Company to be a Private Ltd Company. Clients have to submit Company Profile, detailed project report and 3 years projections.

    2) Who are all eligible for this Finance?
    All sector good viable projects including start ups are eligible for finance .

    3) Is NPAs are also eligible ?
    Yes very much. The NPAs can also apply for these finance and get themselves out of the NPAs and get their security released and start functioning like before.

    4) Is this a ECB loan ?
    No this is not an ECB loan. This is a project finance / investment to the client directly for their project.

    5) Who will give security to the Project finance / investment ?
    Landmark worldwide will initially support the clients project finance / investment with their security and subsequently the client is required to provide security by way of lien during the tenure of the project finance/investment period.

    6) Is the Project finance is a legal money ?
    Project finance / investment is being provided from overseas banks by Landmark Worldwide Investment Company. Therefore it is 100% legal money.

    7) Why advance bank instrument cost is required ?
    Landmark Worldwide is required to spend on behalf of the client considerable amount towards the arrangement of project finance / investment towards bank instruments, legal fees, preparation of financial reports, administrative expenses including legal review and filing for which an advance bank instrument cost of 3% of project cost or Rs.5 Crore (Rupees Five crore only) whichever is lower is taken at the time of signing MOU.

    8) Is any security is provided for the advance bank instrument cost ?
    Yes : Landmark Worldwide will provide a Singapore bank cheque as counter guarantee for the advance bank instrument cost.

    9) Will be there be any objection from RBI ?
    There will be no objection from RBI, as this amount is coming by way of Project Finance / Investment.

    10) From Where do the client get finance ?
    Landmark Worldwide through their Investment company will get the project finance / investment approved from overseas banks and it will be disbursed to the client in India as project finance / investment.

    11) Why do the client need to assign their project to Landmark Worldwide ?
    Client is required to assign the project to Landmark Worldwide who are having good banking relationship with their overseas banker for taking necessary approval.