LANDMARK WORLDWIDE help you take the necessary steps to secure right property. We will undertake the necessary research and present you with options and alternatives. We think outside the box

bring a different element to you property purchase of adding value to the property, making sure you are financially prepared and develop with you an investment plan for your future regardless of whether you are self employed, a contractor or a permanent staff.

most importantly, walk you through the process every step of the way and provide a sounding advice board, saving you the time in undertaking this research and eliminating the stress and confusion involved by condensing the huge amount of information available online.

LANDMARK WORLDWIDE provides a smooth, assured, professional and hands-on advisory service tailored to find the right solutions that meet your specific needs.

Services LANDMARK WORLDWIDE offers a range of products that suits your needs. You can pick any product or a combination of products. Each product is supported by a hands-on expert who will guide you every step of the way.

Property Concierge Service A) Home selling service - Prepare your home in the best light for the sale

B) Home buying service - prepare you for buying your first home, downsizing, applying for a mortgage, buying your first home or moving up the property ladder.

*This service has an optional extra of the introduction to a financial adviser and/ or solicitor.

Property Acquisition & Renovation A) Search and Residential Acquisition - based on your requirements, undertake the property search and conduct negotiations on your behalf should that be your preference.

B) Renovation projects - for any renovation works and no clue where to begin, we will advise you on ideas that add value, the best sources of finding contractors, materials, or source the resources for you negotiating on prices that will save you money.

Financial Health

A) Personal financial health review - get you in a good financial shape by putting in place practical solutions to reduce your debt, manage day to day expenses and maximise your credit options.

B) Savings and Investments plan - we will devise different strategies for building a savings or investment pot for your future. Develop short term or long term plans depending on your risk appetite.