LANDMARK WORLDWIDE has expertise in all Financial matters. In today's times of high mis-selling and multiple choices of complex financial products, a personal financial advisor is essential for the right guidance in shaping financial lives. The adjoining mind map explains how the role of a personal financial advisor stands apart vis--vis other intermediaries in the market with only the best interest of the client in mind. We as a Personal Financial Advisor strives to add value to your financial lives as each individual has his unique set of needs and aspirations. We provide an appropriate road map by chalking out a financial plan offering customized solutions related to goal planning, contingency planning and wealth creation in the process. The pillars of our service are: Client Confidentiality, Commitment to Client's needs and goals and Long term relationship building!

Financial Planning

"If you do not know where you are going, every road will get you nowhere" goes a popular saying.

This philosophy also applies to our personal finances, if not managed properly. Lack of budgeting, losing track of expenses and savings, buying a financial product without understanding the deep impact on overall finances are some of the typical examples of managing money in a haphazard manner. In the absence of a specific direction, we shall never know how adequate our resources are to meet our present and future goals. Financial Planning provides us the road map to achieve our financial goals in a disciplined manner over a life time. The crux of this process is to define and plan your goals, set the time frame to attain the goals and then work towards attaining them with the use of available resources which are your income and assets. Financial Planning is not just about the future. It also involves conducting a critical evaluation of the present finances and plugging loopholes, if any.

Why Financial Planning?

The regularity of salaried income stream cannot be banked upon as the concept of job security is on the wane. The nature of income generation from entrepreneurial assignments also initially tends to be erratic. The 'wants' have changed into 'needs' on account of life style changes. Earlier the Investment avenues were essentially Fixed Income Type, mostly Guaranteed Products. Today, a plethora of financial products is available for investment which is much more complex and dynamic and carries different degrees of inherent risks. Hence it is essential to analyse the product suitable to your needs instead of chasing the 'Highest Return Goose'.

Inflation is the most important factor to keep in mind which eats into the returns from your investments and the attainable goals in today's value become out of reach at a future date.

Thus, in today's uncertain times, financial planning enables us to arrange adequate funds for your goals well in advance and helping you to stay financially secure. More importantly, it prepares you to face any eventuality which life may throw at you.