• About Us

    LANDMARK WORLDWIDE is a company well placed to deliver an efficient and competitive service through our worldwide network of customers, suppliers and accredited agents. We specializes in the business of all services enlisted herein.

    We are happy to be associated with world's largest association involved in similar line of business with proven track record for a successful and fruitfull business association. We are also glad to inform our customers that we are partnered with members who are part of the global leaders now comprising of 120 companies from 30 countries trading in all listed areas of operations with a collective annual worth of in excess of USD 20 billion.

    Our core business are specialized services, trading of all products including functional items, various forms of metals, Antiques & Super Antiques in large. Client to avail service request/Seller of any specific items is required to provide - unless otherwise agreed - a Certificate of Quality which confirms that the service/material conforms to the contractual quality.

    For non listed service/products, Buyer and Seller are recommended to agree contractual requirements at the time of agreement of contract.


    Our vision is to enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential. We consider our vision statement a commitment to our customers. We deliver on that commitment by striving to create environment that is accessible to everyone of all ages and abilities. Landmark Worldwide is one of the business leaders in accessibility innovation and in building clients that are more trustworthy and loyal.


    Mr S M Nair
    MANAGING DIRECTOR is a Post Graduate with Business Administration and having more than 25 years experience in handling corporate affairs for various organizations. Well experienced in this line of business with vast knowledge from start to finish & trick of the trade to satisfy its customers.

    Mr Maddula Bhavani Prasad
    CHIEF FINANCIAL ADVISOR has experience in the field of finance with expertise in Advisory, Technical services and Asset Management. Specialisation in Monetization of Bankable instruments and alternative financing options. Worked with various capital company's in Singapore, Hongkong, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan and Phillipian.

    Mr Shaji Mathew
    DIRECTOR of international affairs currently stationed at Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Experience in international trading and funding for mega projects all over the world. Also expertise in all international trade practices.

    Mr Santosh Bharati
    DIRECTOR is also a true entrepreneur having more than 10 years experience in various commodity trading and have a thorough knowledge about our company's business.

    Mr Parshuram M Dhamnekar
    APPRAISER is a qualified and well trained professional with thorough knowledge of subject metals across any party of the country.

    Mr Prashant M Katamble
    SOUTHERN REGIONAL HEAD - is a dynamic and result oriented individual and with deep knowledge of the products the company is dealing in. He takes care of our Southern Region apart from other areas on a cases to case basis.

    Apart from above we have on board well qualified and thoroughly experienced Directors in each areas of our operations for successfully completing the assigned task well ahead of schedule.